6 Meeting Trends from 2019

Beyond The Boardroom

What a year of change, transition, and growth it has been, not only for the meeting and conference industry but also for Grand View Lodge. We learn a lot from our guests, often by observations, what they request, and their direct feedback. Technology continues to advance, and lifestyles continue to adapt to the ever-changing world. Our sales managers have gathered some of the meeting and conference group trends that 2019 has presented so far.

1-Space Design

North Lobby Couch

The meeting room is the focal point of most meeting experiences. Guests spend a predominant amount of time in the meeting, so it is essential that the space is effective in putting attendees at ease, encourages conversation, and induces creativity. We offer a variety of event spaces for that reason.

North Library

From rustic to contemporary, our spaces provide guests with multiple different atmospheres. Our new facility North has five unique modern meeting spaces aptly named Create, Discover, Imagine, Inspire, and Reflection. One of the major selling points to these rooms is natural lighting. Multiple studies have proven that natural light increases productivity and mood, helps improve sleep, and reduces jetlag.

North Meeting Rooms

Create and Inspire are two smaller meeting rooms in North. Groups have the option to use these for smaller breakouts or a more collaborative approach. Previous meeting planners also have loved the idea for an informal meeting within the cabin. In today’s world, we can prove that meeting spaces don’t have to be boring and sometimes where you are holding your meeting can vastly impact the atmosphere and attitude going in.


phone and laptop

Technology is vastly changing, and some aspects of technology are essential when planning a meeting or conference. Most conferences today go beyond the traditional style of lecture hall session with a podium. There is nothing more frustrating than being in a meeting and the battery power of your laptop and cell phone decrease while there is no plugin insight.

From USB ports, plugins, and Wi-Fi availability – guests will be able to stay connected to the business world during their meeting and in the breakouts. We also recently released a new mobile application called doNorth.

This app provides access to a wide variety of hotel amenities during your stay. From tee times, dining reservations, activity sign-ups, housekeeping requests, stay info, and resort announcements – you’re sure to get more out of your stay.

North bedroom

North hotel rooms have 42-inch television screens with Roomcast pairing technology. Roomcast makes it simple for guests to stream content from their favorite services to the guestroom TV.

3- Food and Beverage Options

Plating Food

Many meeting venues do not have the variety of options for dining to choose from. At Grand View, guests can have a different dining experience each night of their stay. There are also a variety of menu options for buffets or plated dinners.

There is nothing worse than being at a conference and having a boxed lunch sandwich every single day. One of the more popular buffets we host is the Sizzlin’ Southwest buffet which is like fajitas with all the spread to go with it. All of the culinary options are produced with fresh ingredients. The team also can accommodate special dietary needs.

4- Cocktails, S’mores, and Pontoon Rides

Group Eating

Sometimes, all the teambuilding you need is a little time outside of the office walls. We offer a variety of fun activities that are included during your stay. From pontoon rides in the summer to cross-country skiing in the winter, the options are endless. We can also accommodate your group to host a separate wine or beer tasting or a chef’s table.

5- Social Media


There have been a few groups that have utilized social platforms to promote their event. Not only does it help to get the word out to promote, but it also lets attendees “talk” online and to share takeaways. Utilizing hashtags and live streaming are also ways to engage people better and make them feel that they are a part of the conference.

6- Work/Life Balance

Pontoon Ride couple

Technology and digital devices can get in the way of us living our lives outside of the office. Most of the time, when picking vacation areas, it is based on how the connectivity or Wi-Fi is. Although we have that amenity to offer, some people need a moment for a digital detox.

NorthPark (our new recreation facility), spa, golf, and the endless amount of activities are all within proximity. Digital detox is sometimes all you need to unwind and take your mind off the stress from work. We provide that great atmosphere to be “unhooked” or disconnected.

Knowledge from the planner

Our meeting planners have stressed the fact that guests and groups who have stayed here enjoy that everything is so close and within walking distance to each other. To have the ability to meet, have breakouts, and cabin/hotel room in the same location without having to drive is a huge selling point.

With the addition of North and the Garden Cottages, groups can meet in North but also have overflow rooms in the Garden Cottage units. Those overflow rooms can be utilized for bonfires, evening gatherings, networking, and be an entertaining spot.

We want to express that each meeting we plan is personalized. We can create a budget/room rate based on what the client needs and organize a meeting and team building package based around what the group wants.

What meeting trends are you noticing? What do you look for as key criteria with the rise of technology? Our planners have gathered the trends that they have seen and are continuously looking at what they can do to better group stays for better success with those particular companies.

Interested? Contact us to book your next conference group.