Blossom as a Team this Spring

Beyond The Boardroom

Ready to break free from your winter office routine? This time of year, the winter always starts to feel a little long, but fear not, spring is almost here!

Groups love visiting us in the spring to experience the pristine forests, lakes, and wildlife in the transition from winter before the business of summer sets in. Below we’ve assembled a list of popular activities to help promote relaxation, team building, and fun. Give them a read, pick out a few activities, and reach out to our sales team to start planning your retreat today.

Friends In Casuals Giving High-Five After Playing With Building

Amazing Race

Are you a fan of the Amazing Race reality television show? Our twist gives missions to each team to accomplish before clues are given out for the next mission. You’ll receive a piece of a Tangram puzzle as you successfully complete each task. Once you’ve completed all your missions, gather to complete your puzzle. The first team with a completed puzzle wins!

Beer, Wine, or Cocktail Tasting

Taste a variety of Minnesota craft beers, worldly wines, or locally made spirits. Learn about the breweries, wineries, and distilleries your beverages originate from, their history, ideal food pairings, and other fascinating information about the beverage in your glass.

Benevolent Bike Build

Donate to those in need while you follow clues, solve puzzles, and gather treasure! Work together as a team in this unique scavenger hunt to find pieces of a children’s bicycle. Once your team has located all the pieces, the whole group then assembles the bike, followed by a fun competitive bike race. We donate the built bikes to local charities, making your efforts that much more meaningful.

Bridge Building

Our bridge building activity will foster teamwork, collaboration, and a few laughs along the way. We provide the materials. You build a bridge that must sustain the weight of a golf cart driven across it! Is your team up for the challenge?

5R old fashioned

Custom Cocktail Making or Mixology Competition

Assemble beautiful cocktails made with distinct, locally made spirits from 5Rocks Distilling. Create lovely premium cocktails in a two-hour cocktail class. Your team will enjoy a step-by-step, hands-on approach to crafting cocktails, as well as instruction on bartending practices taught by the best mixologists in town.

Take it up a notch by putting your mixology skills to the test with a fun mixology competition! Your team will enjoy the friendly competition while you create (and enjoy imbibing) in cocktails with the supervision from skilled 5Rocks bartenders.

Golf Clinic

Let our experienced golf professionals lead you in a fun, educational experience golfers of any ability can enjoy. They’ll cover topics such as driving, hitting shots with your irons, and the short game. After your lesson, participants will also have the ability to compete in a mini-game for points using the skills taught, creating a friendly competition for your group.


Group Yoga or Meditation Workshops

Enhance your meetings with morning empowerment workshops, a breath-work meditation class, or a Chakra course. Our experienced staff from the Glacial Waters Spa will help your team re-center your mind and body.

succulent plants

Horticulture Classes

Tap into your green thumb and head down the street to Copper Creek Landscaping. Learn how to make a floral arrangement, cultivate a succulent garden, or create your own glass bowl terrarium. Each class can fit up to 20 people, but accommodations can be made for larger group sizes.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you and your team capture a list of objects, people, and sites to capture on your cell phone camera. This fast-paced challenge will put your strategizing and teamwork skills to the test.

Traveling Art Pub

Get creative with a night of eating, drinking, creating, and socializing! The Traveling Art Pub will guide your group in creating a work of art as you enjoy socializing with your group.

Contact Our Team

Spring is an excellent time to venture north while avoiding the hustle and bustle of summer. As you can see, there are no shortages of ways to strengthen your team at Grand View Lodge in a beautiful setting like the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Contact our sales team at 800-368-1885 or and start planning your team’s gathering. We’ll send you a complete team building guide, and our experts will help you make your spring retreat the getaway of a lifetime. Boost morale, promote team bonding, and inspire your team this spring at Grand View Lodge. Reach out today!