Is Spa a Part of Wellness? It does if incorporates health for your body, mind, and spirit.

Everything Spa, Wellness

When you think of the spa, wellness might not be the first word you think of to describe your experience. Wellness, defined by the dictionary, is the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. This is why spa and wellness go hand in hand. The many services offered at the spa improve your mental health and in turn help to improve your physical health. When your mind is happy, your mental choices become easier.


One of the very best ways to enhance your mental health is to receive a massage. Life gets stressful, and sometimes you need that 60 minutes of time to relieve physical strains that come with daily life. These treatments keep you functioning at your best. Whether your body is dealing with a chronic condition or you just need complete relaxation, our talented massage therapists can consult to get the most of your appointment.

 Our massages vary from deep tissue and grand relaxation to stone and neuromuscular therapy. There are many benefits to getting a massage; it is the perfect medicine, boosts your immunity, and helps you relieve tension.


What is hydrotherapy and why would this improve wellness? Hydrotherapy uses water within the spa treatment. Our hydrotherapy range from six different selections including The Awakening, Calming Waters, Glacial Rain, Grand Renewal, Moroccan Rain, and Serenity Soak & Massage.

All of our hydrotherapy treatments are unique. One that is particularly popular is the Grand Renewal. This full body treatment combines exfoliation and hydrotherapy for a relaxing and exhilarating experience. The treatment features exfoliation, Vichy shower, and hydration. These services can help stimulate responses from the immune system, improve blood flow, and reduce the number of stress hormones produced.

Spa Products

Another thing that may contribute to improving your health and wellness is the variety of retail products that we offer within our spa. Did you like a particular product that we used in your appointment? Chances are, you may be able to purchase it in our lobby. We offer products from Eminence, Aveda, SpaRituals, and Jane Iredale. 

Quality products that you can use at home are a must-have to add to your daily routine. Whether you purchase for skin care, acne, makeup, or hair care our products are sure to sustain a healthy well-being and provide ingredients that are essential to your lifestyle.

Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked. Improve your overall wellness at the Glacial Waters Spa. Take the time to disconnect from your devices, television, and work while treating yourself to a day at the spa to relieve muscle tension, rejuvenate and calm your mind, and find your center with one of our many refreshing spa treatments. To learn more about the spa treatments that we offer visit Glacial Water’s spa services.

To book a spa appointment call 218-963-8700 or request a service online. Your comfort and ease are essential to receiving the greatest benefits from your resort spa experience.

Our popular fall package Ooh Ahh Spa is back again. Ooh Ahh Spa is October 22 through December 21 and is $250 per person. Enjoy two nights of deluxe lodging, breakfast, and a $200 spa gift card to be used at Glacial Waters Spa. This package is only available Sunday through Thursday. It just might be the best reprieve for you, your body, and your mind.