New Activities for Grand Holidays!

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Grand View Lodge has so much planned for your Holiday stay. We have plenty of safe activities for in your cabin, for outdoors, or for just being with your family. Bring one of our three pre-made D.I.Y. cabin kits to stay busy in your cabin, enjoy ice activities outside, or warm-up and partake in some of our indoor activities. Whether it’s staying cozy indoors next to the fireplace or venturing to the outdoors with plenty of winter-fun activities, you are sure to create lasting memories this Holiday Season. 


D.I.Y. Cabin Kits 

New this year are our D.I.Y. Cabin Kits. Stop by the Northwoods Pub to pick up your kit for enhanced fun in the cabin with the kids and family. We currently offer three D.I.Y. Cabin Kits. Try our Cookie Decorating Kit. With a cute box filled with 12 premade, Christmas-themed sugar cookies along with an assortment of frostings and sprinkles, you can decorate your cookies and enjoy them after dinner. We also offer our D.I.Y. Bird Feeder Kits. Pick up your box filled with pine cones, peanut butter and birdseed. The Birdfeeder Kit also comes with a biodegradable string for easy cleanup. The kids and family will love this D.I.Y. kit as you can build them in your cabin and then hang them outside to watch the birds and squirrels enjoy the delicious treat you made them. Our third kit, for adults only, is our Beer Tasting Kit. Our Beer Tasting Kit can also be picked up in the Northwoods Pub and are complete with a 6-pack of beer, assorted snacks, tasting cups, and beer notes. Find your new favorite beer! Bring this kit back to your cabin to experiment with different kinds of beer with your family! These all-new D.I.Y. cabin kits can truly enhance your stay at Grand View Lodge. Sometime after you check-in, come on down to the Northwoods Pub to purchase your very own kit. See pricing details below. 

D.I.Y. Cooking Decorating Kit – Comes in a festive box, 12 Christmas-shaped, baked cookies, 4 colors of frosting, 2 colors of sprinkles, and a personal note from our Chef. $25 per box. Pick up at The Northwoods Pub from 11am – 9pm. 

D.I.Y. Birdfeeder Kit – Comes with everything you need to build your very own pinecone bird feeder. In the box are pinecones, birdseed, peanut butter, and a biodegradable string for easy cleanup. $10 per box. Pick up at The Northwoods Pub from 11am – 9pm. 

D.I.Y. Beer Tasting Kit – For adults only. The D.I.Y. Beer Tasting Kit comes with a 6-pack of beer, tasting cups, an assortment of snacks, and tasting notes. $35 per box. Pick up at The Northwoods Pub from 11am – 9pm. 


Virtual Christmas Stories with Santa’s Elves and Mrs. Claus

This year, Santa’s Elves and Mrs. Claus will be here (virtually) to read Christmas bedtime stories. Tune in nightly to see Santa’s Elves introduce Mrs. Claus, and then listen along to Mrs. Claus read the traditional Christmas stories such as The Night Before Christmas, Polar Express, The Red Nose Reindeer. Holiday nights at Grand View Lodge are sure to be a magical experience when you tune in, all cozied up in your cabins, to listen and watch Mrs. Claus with her spunky elves read the traditionally loved Christmas stories. Bedtime won’t come soon enough! See more information on the activities schedule. 


New Outdoor Activities 

This time of the year is perfect for outdoor fun, whether there is snow on the ground or not. We have activities all ready for both conditions. This year, we offer new outdoor activities, including a Scavenger Hunt, Tree Decorating, a Photo Fishing Tournament, Boot Hockey, Ice Bowling, Ice Bean Bags, and so much more. Not to mention our reoccurring outdoor activities like sledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling. With the unpredictable weather, we also have a handful of activities if there is no snow on the ground. Try Ice Fishing, Ice Skating on the lake or at our Christmas-lit rink, bike rentals, walking or running on the trails, sand volleyball, shuffleboard, and so much more! 

Scavenger Hunt  New this year, we have our Grand View Lodge Scavenger Hunt – Holiday Edition! Pick up the scavenger hunt checklist at the front desk in the Gull Lake Center. The Scavenger Hunt consists of over 10 locations/tasks on our main property. At each location or for each task you must take your picture with the items from the checklist. Once you have completed the whole list, turn it in at the Front Desk for a small prize. A couple samples of the hunt are: Take a picture at the Ice Rink, Snap a photo at the Large Chair by the Main Lodge, Take a picture next to a lit-up tree…etc. The scavenger hunt is perfect for your kids and your family as you can tour throughout our magical property while snapping pictures along the way. 

Social Photo Fishing Tournament  Another new activity this year is our Photo Fishing Tournament. Bring your ice fishing rods, and tip-ups for this contest! Catch a fish on any local lake or river and take a picture. The tournament will not be judged on the weight or size of the fish, but more so, your fishing experience portrayed in your photo submission! Post your photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the #GVLfish hashtag. We will be sifting through submissions regularly. Those selected will win some Grand View Lodge swag and will be contacted upon the platform in which the photo was submitted. Best of luck fishermen! The contest will run December 18 through January 1, 2021. Fish House rentals are available. Also, no fish? Snap a picture anyway. Remember, it is the fun you are having that we are judging your photo submissions on!  

New Activities for On the Ice  We also have an assortment of ice activities for your upcoming Holiday stay. Join us at the Skating Rink for Boot Hockey (Broomball), Ice Bowling, and Ice Skating. Also, visit us at Roy Lake for some Ice Bean Bags (like regular Bean Bag game but on the ice). Bring your skates as we are unable to provide ice skates at this time. The Ice-Skating Rink is decorated with Christmas lights and is sure to make your ice-skating experience more fun. See our activities schedule for locations, times, and for more information. 


Even More Fun 

As if you thought there couldn’t be more to do at Grand View Lodge—there is so much more! You can get 15% off at Mount Ski Gull’s for downhill skiing, snowboarding or winter tubing. Ski Gull is located just a couple of miles down the road from Grand View Lodge. Just show them your room key to get the discount. Also, be sure to call over to The Pines Clubhouse to reserve your tee time for the Golf Launch Monitor. Another great activity is to head over to downtown Nisswa to see even more Christmas lights throughout town filled with cute shops, boutiques, book stores, candy stores and more!  

This time of the year is so magical. Come and spend it here with us at Grand View Lodge and see more magic unfold. You are sure to stay busy with all that we have planned. Enjoy fun, indoor/outdoor adventures during the day, and at night cozy up by the fireplace and nightcap with Mrs. Claus and her Elves read bedtime stories. Do something special this year.

Book our Grand Holidays package and create lasting memories and start new traditions everyone in the family will love. Starting at $160 and includes breakfast and all the fun Grand View has to offer!

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