Ronnei enters Hall of Fame and is listed as Top GMs to Watch

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MRCA Minnesota Hospitality Hall of Fame


Grand View Lodge’s very own General Manager Mark Ronnei, was inducted into the 2018 MRCA’s Minnesota Hospitality Hall of Fame last month. Inductees into the hall of fame are individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of Minnesota’s resort/campground industry and are deemed “legends” by their peers.

He celebrated his 40-year anniversary working at the historic Grand View Lodge last year and has played a very vital role to what the resort is currently and what it will become after the new construction projects.


Ronnei earned a degree in hospitality management from Southwest Minnesota State University and was hired by Grand View in 1978 as a night auditor. At the time, there were only 70 employees; today, there are more than 800. Over the years, Ronnei served as convention services manager, director of sales, general manager, and CEO. He has worked with 10,000 employees over his time at Grand View.

Under his leadership, the resort added conference centers, golf courses, spa, restaurants, and wine bar, as well as the majority of cabins off the main property. He recently took on another challenge: overseeing construction of a new 60-room boutique hotel, a recreation center, a chapel, and two new real estate developments.

He was MRCA’s Operator of the Year in 2006 and was awarded Outstanding Individual in Tourism by Explore Minnesota Tourism in 2015. In his acceptance speech, Ronnei emphasized the importance of hosting families for their vacations and getaways and helping to create lasting memories.

Hotel Management’s Top GMS to Watch

Hotel Management Magazine recently named Mark Ronnei on their Top GMs To Watch list. Every year Hotel Management takes nominations for outstanding people who demonstrate commitment to their guests, their colleagues, their community, and their industry. This year more than 100 submissions were taken into consideration.

“Not only is Mark responsible for the management of resort and its operation, but he also represents the company in many areas internally and externally,” said Frank Soukup, director of marketing for Grand View Lodge. “His name is ingrained with the legacy and history of this property.”


Good managers are great leaders and high achievers, but the best managers have unique qualities. Ronnei displays these qualities in the workplace. He has a positive attitude and looks for solutions to finish the work. He is 100 percent invested in the well-being of Grand View Lodge and all of the sister properties.

On a typical day, you can find Ronnei helping out the grounds team, checking in with the waterfront staff, talking with the front desk, and even giving compliments to the employees who water the flowers. A manager is someone who is approachable, and Ronnei displays that with his everyday positive attitude and character.

Because of his efforts and commitment to guests, colleagues, community, and the industry, Ronnei is very deserving to be recognized with Hotel Management’s GMs to Watch and the MRCA’s Minnesota Hospitality Hall of Fame.